Top 5 essential things to bring to Canada

Have you got your visa? Yes? Congrats | No? Hang tight, dude. No worries.

One thing you may ask yourself is “What to bring in this limited weight?”

Here are some things that we luckily brought or sadly had to buy:

Just a heads-up, we will talk a lot about what you should bring to survive the winter in Canada so if you are from a freezing country, you may want to skip the first 2 items or read through and recommend some better decisions.

Blanket/ Comforter: (What? – hear me out)

The coldness in Canada may be unfamiliar with students who come from tropical countries and have not used thermostat before and it’s common sense to think that you have to come here and buy a big, thick blanket to survive the winter.

The comforter should be this thick

No, you have to do that. Blankets here are so expensive and it’s not that freezing inside the house. Just bring a thin blanket, that’d be fine for you. If you still feel cold, you can buy another thin one here, which is cheaper than buying a thick-ass blanket even at Walmart.

Oh, 1 tip when you stuff your suitcase: you can use a vacuum cleaner to minimize the size of the fluffy things like your blanket, coats, sweaters and so on. Put it in a plastic bag, use the vacuum cleaner to suck the air inside and quickly tight the bag as tight as possible.


Heat-tech: Basically, it’s a tight shirt or pants that keep you warm. You can go to Uniqlo, the price is affordable. If you can’t buy Uniqlo, you can search and I’m pretty sure there are other brands that have these products.

Jacket: The most economical way to spend on jackets is to buy a really warm coat, ideally water resistant/ proof. Most people here, even native Canadians, they need 1 or 2 big jackets and they are good for the winter. You don’t need a lot of layers. You may need, for most of the winter, a hoodie, and a thick jacket because it only freezes your ass when you walk or wait for the bus outside, the moment you are in a room or on the bus, it’s warm enough to take off the jacket.

And if someone tells you that Canadians must have a super expensive jacket with Goose fur, that’s bullshit. We can survive the winter without those 1000-something bucks. Yes, it’s quite popular but, so ridiculously expensive.


Most of us are sneakerheads, so we brought as many shoes as possible. But, a pair of shoes that you will need is a pair of water-resistance-ish shoes. They can be leather shoes or whatever, you will find them pretty handy on the days that are not so cold but wet and dirty outside and you do not want to spoil your favorite shoes. Those shoes are perfect for wet days in the fall and “warm” days in the winter.



This you may already know, all electronic devices in Canada are 110 volts so we bought most of the electric devices in Toronto like hair-drier, iron and etc. Your smartphone and laptop are fine because the charger can be fully functional regardless of the electric input (don’t freak out lol)

My last advice for this subject is that bring as much as you possibly can. Use your connections or your relatives’ or friends’ connections to get more weight then you are allowed to bring on the plane. Bring more clothes, cooking stuff like pan, knives, cutting board, pot and etc. and whatever you feel necessary for you.

Please comment below if you have any questions or recommendations to better the post.




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