Everything a student needs to know to rent a room in Toronto

“Where to stay when I land?” is a question that worries a lot of people.

If you have friends or relative in Toronto already and you can crash at their place for days, that’s perfect.

However, here’s our suggested plan to find a good place to stay in Toronto.

First, find some places that you’d like to rent, make a list with details like address, price and some features like “near the bus stops”, “near supermarket”, “… minutes to school” and etc. You can even email to the landlord to check availability and ask some questions. You can find credible websites and Facebook groups for room rentals here.

Remember this: never pay the money up front on the internet when you’ve not seen the room yet. If any landlords ask for money in advance, it’s the red flag, they are freaking frauds.

Next, find a temporary room to stay for 3 to 5 days so that you can go and check the list of rooms you already have in hand. You may not want to have 1 ideal place in mind and it turns out not as good or unlivable. You can find a temporary room on Airbnb or a motel on booking.com or any other website. Our recommendation is Airbnb, it’s cheaper, just remember to check the owner’s reviews.


When you come to check the room, these following things you should pay attention to:

  • Wi-fi connection in your room: the internet connection can be strong in the living room but your room is actually far away from the modem, which weakens the connection. One of us housemate always has to bring his laptop to the kitchen to Facetime or watch Netflix because he barely gets Wifi inside his room. It sucks, eh?
  • Housemates/ roommates: Obviously, right? See what’s the mutual areas are like. We don’t care how nasty anybody’s room is, but no one wants to live with those who have no respect for others, never clean their dishes and basically just shits all over the place.
  • Washer and dryer: If they are near your room, you may want to switch room because guess what happens when you want to take a nap and your beloved roommate decides to do his/her laundry.
  • Additional fees: Remember to confirm if utilities like water, electricity, gas bill are covered or not. And usually, even if the utilities are included in the rental fee, it may not be the final amount. You may be required to pay for internet, cable or whatever. You should ask those things carefully before signing the contract.

Finally, the last step is to sign the contract. Be sure you are okay with the rental fee and the additional fees. Most landlords require you to pay for the first month and the last month to avoid you moving out whenever you want.

Last advice, remember to review the contract carefully before signing it.

Please comment below if you have any questions or recommendations to better the post.




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