These are the sources to look for rooms in Toronto

When you google “room rental Toronto” you may see a lot of sources and unfortunately, a majority of them may not turn out to be helpful.

This is a list of 5 sources and reviews for each that are commonly used among students in Toronto:

  1. : The advantage of this site is that you can find rooms based on the location of your college, university. Basically, landlords around campuses of colleges post their room information on this site.
  2. : Kijiji is the site that sells almost everything including renting rooms. You can see that this site has a lot of rooms for rent with a wide variety of price and you will find the filter feature comes pretty handy. However, be cautious about fraud. The red flag is the landlord ask you to transfer the money in advance.
  3. : This site is convenient in terms of location. If you have an area in mind, you can easily find a room within that area on this site.
  4. : This site is quite similar to the first one (Places4students) where you can find rooms near your college/ university. Each post provides information that other sites may not have such as distance from campus, map and lease condition.
  5. Facebook is also a source too. You can join in these groups:

Please comment below if you have any questions or recommendations to better the post.




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