Here’s how to minimize the expense on grocery

One of the things you can’t avoid spending on is Grocery so we will give reviews for common retailers and show you how to minimize the cost of grocery.

The simple practice is to go to several supermarkets near you live or wherever you can easily reach, compare the price and go buy things where they are cheap.

Brands of supermarkets here have advantages and disadvantages, which means some products are cheap and others are not.

You will see some retailers here like:

  • Walmart: Walmart is quite popular, right? And it is famous for their low price. They also have a wide variety of product, not just food, but also cooking stuff, personal hygiene products and etc. This is a great place for you to buy stuff when you finally find a place to rent. They have their own brand, called “Great Value” which provides products throughout most the things you may need from food, chips, pops, cookies to toilet paper. Great Value is very cheap and of course, the quality is not that “Great” but we think it’s okay to use.
  • Loblaw (including Loblaw, Real Canadian Superstore, Zerhs) and Metro: These retailers are quite expensive and in our opinion, not for students. However, if there is one of these near your house, they have a brand called “No name”, it is fairly cheap.


  • Fresh Co., Food Basics, No Frills: The 3 retailers are quite cheap. The price varies just a bit among them and Walmart but basically, you can shop there with a fair price. The difference between them and Walmart is that they only have grocery while you can buy pretty much everything from Walmart.


  • Dollarama: Dollarama, technically is not a “grocery” store, but it is a chain of stores that every product cost only up to $5. Most of the things there are around $2-3. Sounds cheap, right? But there are some products that are more expensive when you go to Walmart. We often go to Dollarama for small things like candies, stationery, folks, cups and etc.


  • Chinese supermarkets (including T&T, Jian Hing, Top food and etc.): Last but not least is Chinese supermarkets. You probably can’t find anywhere that offers a lower price for meat, vegetable, and fruits. The price can be even half of Walmart’s. However, don’t buy other things, especially non-Chinese products (like pasta, bacon, cheese, butter, etc.) there, they have higher price than any other retailers.

grocery 4

  • LCBO, Beer store: Is booze considered as grocery? We think so. You can’t buy beer, wine, and alcohol anywhere but these 2 stores. Beer store, of course, has beers only. LCBO provides beer, wine, and alcohol. Remember to bring your ID and just to confirm, the drinking age in Ontario is 19 years old.

To save the expense for grocery, we often go to one of the Chinese supermarkets once in a week or two to buy meat, vegetable, and fruits that are enough to consume in a week or two. For other things, we go to Walmart, Fresh Co., Food Basics or No Frills.
And last advice, it’s more likely that you will get the discount on weekends.

Please comment below if you have any questions or recommendations to better the post.




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