Do these as soon as possible when arriving in Toronto

When you finally are in Toronto, you may want to have some rest to get through the jetlag, travel around and discover the city but be sure to set time for these following:

  • Open a bank account: Obviously, right? You may not want to carry a lot of cash with you so set time to open your bank account. It probably will take you 2 days. On the first day, you go in to set an appointment with a financial representative and on the second day, you will get your account opened. Remember to listen to the rep carefully, you have to know those terms because there are charges if you violate them.
  • Get your Social Insurance Number (SIN): You probably already know you have to get this. This paper is required if you want to work legally in Canada. You can go to any Canada Service Center to get your SIN. You will be told this: SIN is confidential. Keep it carefully and provide you SIN only when you know that it is legally required (in most case scenario, your employer when you are hired).
  • Get your student ID card: It’s not urgent, though. But you really should get it soon. Why? Guess how many students wait for the last moment to get their card and you may imagine how long of the line you will have to wait in to get your picture taken and then finally get your card. Believe me, that’s frustrating. So if you arrive in Toronto couple weeks before school starts, it’s advisable that you go to college/ university or submit your photo on the college/ university website and get it done!
    Another reason to get your student ID card early because you will need it to get the thing in the next bullet.
  • Get your Post-secondary photo ID: This ID will allow you to buy monthly Post-secondary Metropass (For students only) which costs $116, about 30 bucks cheaper than Adult Metropass.
  • Your health insurance: As you may know, the health insurance is included in your tuition fee and it will be sent to you via email a couple of weeks after your program starts. You should check that you have it and print it out. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst, right? It’s very expensive to go to the hospital without this piece of paper, man.

Last advice, be extra careful with your important paper. These things worth more than money. Buy a separate bag for your passport, study permit, SIN, contract and whatever you find important and keep it safe.

Please comment below if you have any questions or recommendations to better the post.




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