How to get away with your textbook bills

When your semester starts, you will find textbooks are ridiculously expensive. Most of us can’t afford to buy those books at the bookstore and even if we do, we would not pay for them (LOL, there’re other things that worth buying more, eh?). So, how to deal with it?

99.9% chance that you don’t have to buy books even if the professors say it is mandatory. You don’t have to read any books to past (or even get A). In most case, you will have to study in slides or read some case and that’s more than enough.

If you still want to have access to the material, you can find and download for free from these websites:

Note: You may not find the latest edition, as long as you know that’s the book, it’s good enough. There’s barely any difference that can make you fail your course.

In case you still need to have the textbook and you can’t find it from the sources above, you can join these Facebook group and ask people there.

  • Centennial College:
  • Seneca College:
  • Humber College:
  • Ryerson University:
  • Or you can search on Kijiji

We hope you can find your textbooks without paying for them.

Please comment below if you have any questions or recommendations to better the post.




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