Students and How to Manage Living Alone

What is it like to be living by yourself? Because in most cases, that’s a big part of studying abroad. Let’s see:

Yes! You can do whatever you want. Sleep, eat, party, Netflix, you tell me, eh? That feels good. You have no constraints, no rules, you own your life. But there’re some things that you should keep in mind, though… We call it the “Screw it” Button.
Can you afford to push that “Screw it” button? Consider that before skipping a class, eating out in a fancy restaurant, drinking some more shots, procrastinating what you really have to do. Of course, we are students and we have lots of distractions but the smart ones know when to stop, when to say “No”, when to cut all the bullshit and do something beneficial. People say “Work hard, play hard”, although many skip the first part – “Work hard” and focus great effort on the latter one.
To be clear, although we are saying this, we are not perfectly disciplined. Just remember to consider the “Screw it” button, okay?

When you are sick at home, you have support from friends, family. However, living on your own makes you pick your exhausted ass up and try to get yourself pills and cook something to eat, which is frustrating and definitely not easy!
So, rule #1, Don’t get sick. How? Have a “healthy” lifestyle.

Yoga female cooking homemade salad

By that, we mean eating enough nutrition like carbs, fruits, vegetables, protein. What you eat defines your health, so once in a while, choose a bag of apples over a bag of Lays, will ya?
In addition, work out when you can. We are not saying going to the gym specifically. We know, to some people, gym and fitness are not their things, but you can play your favorite sports, walk a few blocks or sometimes work out at home, for example. Bottom line, don’t leave your body too weak. Nerdy speaking, your immune system weakens and you are more prone to being ill because of bullshit reasons.

Multiracial group of young people taking selfie
Rule #2, Stay mentally healthy. Be sure to share what you are going through with someone, meet people and when you get stressed (which we all do), google “how to release stress” or do whatever you feel comfortable. Extroverts may not have many issues with this but introverts should be careful. You (Introverts) may be perfectly fine with staying at home all days, not meeting anyone; nonetheless, you will be negatively affected you if it lasts for a long time.

We may mention this topic in Freedom, you can buy whatever you want but again, can you afford those? Or more exactly, can you, in long-term, afford those? One trick, if you feel like buying something, wait one more day and think whether you really need it. Procrastination is good for saving money.


How about earning money? We’ve seen many students prioritizing on earning money over studying. We are not judging that. We know we need money to live and sometimes grades are not as essential. But be sure to balance between earning-money time and time for your true goals.
What we find very effective is having a method to monitor your personal finance. You can list down your income, your expense and you’ll better understand how much you earn or spend is enough.

Do you find the post useful? Please comment below if you have any questions or recommendations to better the post.





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