Where to find your motivation

Making decisions to study abroad, we all have goals which require consistent effort to achieve. Unfortunately, not many of us can maintain our consistency for a long time. Do you agree? So… how to pick yourself up, how to boost your willpower…

See if it’s true for you. One day, you want to do something that is good for you, for your future, your career, whatever. Like, you decide to go to the gym for a better shape, you see a perfect online course that helps your career.

Day 1: “Yes! I’ll do this”. You set your plan, set your goals, set time to do it each day.
Day 2: “Let’s do this!”. You start with lots of enthusiasm.
Day 3: “Huh… This’s harder and it looks”
Day 4: “Let’s try one more time. I have to figure this out”
Day 5: “Oh… New show on Netflix is released today”
Day 6: (so conveniently, it’s Friday) “Yo! Wanna have a drink?” – “Sure! What time?”
Day 7: “Let’s get back on track”
Day 8: “Damn… This’s hard”
Day 9: “Screw it! I’ve been so hard-working lately.”
Day 10: “Screw it! It may be a bad idea anyway”

But deep down, you know it’s good for you… Still, “Screw it!”

So what are the sources of motivation?

Passion (if you’re lucky enough):
This is when you actually enjoy doing what you “have to” do. While many don’t even know what your passion is or it’s barely relevant to what you consider as your future job, some of us can spend all days coding, designing, working out, reading big-as-hell books about anatomy. Anyways, these kinds of people are not helping us make our point here. So move on. Lol.

Most common example, DEADLINE. Yeah? How many times have you “Shit! It’s due tomorrow, my boss/ professor/ group is gonna kill me”?

Frustrated young Asian man sitting at laptop
However, what we really want to say is: be smarter when you worry, feel the fear in a further future. Not just tomorrow, not next week, next month. See it in months, 1 year, 2 years, at least.
Say, you come to Toronto to study in 1 year, 2 years, 4 years. (Btw, the longer time you have, the more you have to prepare). You know the job market competitiveness is very high.
You look at your resume and compare with the requirements in a job post and it’s like you are a 5-year-old in the ring to fight Mike Tyson/ Ronda Rousey.
You apply for hundreds of company in months, check your mail every day but only receive H&M promotion emails.
…Imagine yourself at that time…
Feel the fear yet? Pick our ass up and do something. NOW!
(We think we all know this, it’s just we bury it so deep so that we don’t think about. And here, TFS unearth it for you!)


young crazy businessman with placard
This makes us think of high school drama shits, like, “My ex has a new girlfriend. Gotta hit the gym to have better ass than her!”. Great motivation, huh?
In our opinion, competitiveness boosts motivation. So create your own competition. Ask yourself, how can that person do that but you can’t?

Talk to someone who is extremely aggressive or never afraid of shouting to your face, showing you the ugly truth. Your father? Your brother? Your best friend? Your professor? A celebrity? Find that someone and listen to them. They will give you a slap in the face that you need.


Have you ever spent a day being lazy as shit and the moment you shut your eyes to sleep, when you have no distractions, you face yourself and all the self-judging, panicking and regrets start? That sucks. 

Hopes you’ll have closures for every goal you set.




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