The difference between spending and investing for students

Most of us have heard terms like Spend and Invest but have you applied these 2 terms to you and what you do every day? We heard about this concept from a podcast episode of Michael Stelzner – Founder of Social Marketing Examiner (if you study marketing or communication, check this out). In this blog post, we’ll customize this concept for students like us.
So basically, you spend, you use it and it’s gone. You invest, it’ll benefit you in the future.

Now, let’s think about this in different situations.


You spend money on junk food, you consume, they become “number 2” and you flush. You can spend on something that you can use for a long time like an extra pair of shoes, you wear them off and they are gone.
On the other hand, you may invest on a new shirt for the upcoming interview, it’s beneficial because it may make you feel more confident, make you look more professional and hence, increase your chance to get the job. Or more practically, you invest in a course online to study, know more, get a certification, you can gain more chance to get a job.


You get it, right?
Movie time, drama, laughter, gone!
Partying, laughter, getting drunk, hangover, puking, gone!

Partying (in the perspective of a social event), getting to know more people, expanding/ building your network, benefit!
Studying even 1 hour a day to study something that helps you stand out in a pile of resumes, that’s investment, benefit!

Now, think back to your week so far, how much time have you spend and how much time have you invest?


This means your relationship with your friends, acquaintances, relatives and any other relationship you may have. We can’t satisfy all people we know. In fact, we prioritize some more than others, we spend more time with some than others and we say “Yes” to some and say “No” to others. The issue is, are “some” the right people?

(Do we sound overly pragmatic and selfish? We don’t mean that strictly.)

We all have friends who have no good influence on us. For example, they can be screwed ups, party boys/ girls who just know how to spend money irresponsibly and never give a crap about anything, but to be honest, kinda cool and fun to hang with.
You may want to consider to stop spending time with those sorts of friends and invest in a relationship with someone who can help you with your career, for instance.

We don’t have much time in Toronto before graduating and finally looking for a full-time job. A full-time, related-to-your-major job… it is what we all want, isn’t it?
Who we know” is so important in this situation.

Our friends who have graduated and are fighting every day in the job market say: “It doesn’t matter how many positions you apply online on Indeed, Workopolis or whatever. It’s about the people you know and reach out to that give you a chance for an interview.”

In conclusion, we just want you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I spending or investing?
  • What can I get in the future if I invest on this?
  • (Because spending is obviously more enjoyable) do I afford to spend now? Or I need to invest?

We hope you can answer these questions honestly to yourself and make the right decisions. And by “right”, we mean enjoying, indulging you when you can but make sure you know and implement the investing part.

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