Top 5 sources to find a part-time job in Toronto

Getting a part-time job in Toronto is not as hard as a full-time one, but still, it may keep you awake at night when you have bills to pay and your income is a big fat zero. Here are the popular sources to find a part-time job in Toronto:

Your network: This is the easiest way. If you know someone who used to work or is working for a company, store, restaurant, feel free to ask them for referral, information about what the job is like, what is asked in the interview and etc.

Your college/ university service: We find this source very effective. As a part of the student service in your college/ university, it is likely that your college/ university provide job opportunities from companies that have connections with your college/ university. Therefore, you may have bigger chance to get the job. There are some job posts that specifically advise you to put your college/ university name on the email subject just to notify the employer.

Walk-in: you can print your resume and go to any store, restaurant that you want to work for, ask for the manager and hand in your resume. Be sure to make a good impression and wear appropriate outfit. You don’t have to suit up, just wear something that you feel comfortable and professional.

Job sites: Indeed, Workopolis, Monster and etc.: This is the worst way, in our opinion. The odds of you getting a job by applying from these websites are the lowest as we experienced. But when you are desperate, you’ve got to try everything. And also, these websites can give you some insights on what the job is like and what the requirements are, or in another word, what do you have to show on your resume, cover letter and hopefully, the interview.

LinkedIn: Last but not least, LinkedIn. You can find job posts in the Search bar. More specifically, you need to click on the Search bar – Job and check “Part-time” under “More filters” arrow. The difference between LinkedIn and other job sites is that you are more likely to find “professional” or “fancy” jobs. By “professional” and “fancy”, we mean office jobs, jobs that are in the field you are studying, not physical jobs like waiter or cashier. We would recommend that you try to best to get this kind of part-time jobs.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, Facebook or LinkedIn.

And good luck!



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