Hi guys,

We are a group of international students in Toronto. We have one same goal: study, get a job and become a Permanent Resident. You do too, eh? (Yes, Canadian say “eh” a lot!).

The purpose of Toronto For Students (TFS) blog is to help you – a (soon-to-be) student in Toronto, to get on well in this fast-moving city. We understand moving to a new country, especially to those whose first language is not English, is a challenge and a huge decision to make with a lot of concerns.

What we will share with you is our experience of living in Toronto, how to make the best out of what you have, how to minimize costs and tips to get jobs and some of our opinions on, simply, the live you have/ will have here.

We will try to answer as many questions, concerns as possible and as detailed as possible.

So hang on, find the articles that you want to read and feel free to ask further questions!



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